Our Story

Jam Sanitchat and Bruce Barnes met at Hoover’sJam and Bruce 2 Cooking when Bruce was a manager. Their passion for food led to opening the doors of Thai Fresh at 4 pm on August 6th 2008.

Bruce has been in the food business scene in Austin as long as he lived here. If you have eaten at Old Pecan Street Cafe, the Tavern, Good Eats or Hoover’s Cooking in the last 25 years, you have probably seen or met him at some point.

Jam grew up in Thailand and came to Austin in 2001 as a graduate student at UT. Jam started to cook since she was five years old following her grandmother in the kitchen. In 2004, Jam started offering cooking classes in her home kitchen and in people’s kitchen. Then, she started a stand at Sunset Valley Farmers’ Market to promote her food and her services. After their son, Leo, was born, Jam started back at Austin Farmers’ Market downtown and at the Triangle.

Bruce’s experience in restaurant business and Jam’s love for cooking has grown into a store that incorporates delicious meals, groceries and cooking classes. Jam and Bruce hope to bring Austin the finest quality Thai food. You can email us at jam at thai-fresh dot com or bruce at thai-fresh dot com

Photo by Jote Khalsa Photography

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