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Public Cooking Classes:

A great way to learn Thai cooking and get to know new friends. Classes are small and focus on hands-on experience. Classes are held in Thai Fresh commercial kitchen conveniently located near downtown at 909 West Mary St. 78704.

How to sign up:

Click here to view the schedules and make reservations online. Email us with any question at class@thai-fresh.comClasses usually fill up 4-6 weeks in advance especially Thai Favorites or weekend classes. Please avoid calling the restaurant to book the class but if you need to call, please do so before 11 am or after 8 pm.

Team Building Cooking Classes:

Cooking class is a great way to enjoy a team buidling afternoon. Classes can be held at Thai Fresh kitchen. For a class larger than 15 people, classes can be held elsewhere. Contact Thai Fresh for more information.

Kids Cooking Classes:

Get the kids in the kitchen early, let them explore the art of cooking. Cooking classes for kids can be arranged in Thai Fresh kitchen. Please contact Thai Fresh for availability.

Private Thai Cooking Classes:

Learn authentic Thai home cooking from scratch, learn the tricks and tips in Thai home cooking that have been passed on to me by my grandmother and my mom, and learn it the right way. Gather your friends and have a Thai cooking class party. Whether it be a birthday party, a surprise party for your loved ones, a get together after a long session of work, or anything at all. I will create a schedule that suits you. You can pick your own menu up to four dishes to learn. Classes take about 2-3 hours depending on menu choices. If held in your kitchen, I will arrive 30 minutes before class time to set up. I will bring all needed groceries and will leave the leftover groceries for your future use. Private class can be held either at your home or in our commercial kitchen.


1-2 students : $400 at Thai Fresh or $450 in your home kitchen

3-4 students: $500 at Thai Fresh or $560 in your home kitchen

5-8 students: $85 per person at Thai Fresh or $95 per person in your home kitchen

9-15 students: $70 per person at Thai Fresh or $80 per person in your home kitchen

The fee includes recipe package, groceries, a delicious meal and some more to take home.

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